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Addiction Counseling Ramsey

Addiction Counselor in Ramsey

Addiction Counseling Ramsey

Addiction Counseling Ramsey

Alcohol or drug addiction, along with compulsive gambling and other addictions, are certainly very hard on the person in question, but they is also very difficult on those around them. For anyone in a committed relationship, it puts a strain on things and there is a real risk of splitting as a result. If nothing else, there is additional stress and often lack of communication. And entire families, including parents and children and siblings are impacted in many instances. Here at Mars & Venus, our addiction counseling Ramsey is based on the premise that there is a greater opportunity for good outcomes when these personal and family relationships are taken into account as part of treatment.

The one thing that is certain, and that is a prerequisite, is that the addict must be the one to seek out our addiction counseling Ramsey. It will never work if a spouse, partner, or family member attempts to guilt or otherwise force the person with the addiction into treatment. And because it is so often true that having an addiction of any sort contains, as part of it, a shroud of secrecy and dishonesty, there is significant benefit to coming in and being able to express yourself fully, whether you are the one with the addiction or you are close to the person who has one. Everyone should be honest about how they feel. Our counselor will listen and offer guidance. The types of habits that form from such addictions can be challenging to break, and every bit of help is vital to the chances for success. Fortunately, with the help and support of loved ones, our addiction counseling in Ramsey is likely to be much more effective than it would otherwise.

There is much to gain by calling our office and arranging an appointment. Do so right now. Addiction can be overcome.

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Ramsey Stress Counselor

Coping with Stress in Ramsey

Distress can occur for many reasons, and it can manifest in many ways. In times of distress, you need tools and strategies to manage your emotions and keep them from taking over. Here at Mars &Venus, our Ramsey stress counselor can provide you with those strategies, along with the care and support you need to navigate your feelings and keep yourself safe and happy mentally and physically. Distress is often related to trauma. If you have recently been through a difficult situation that you are having trouble understanding or coping with, or even if the situation has happened years ago and you are still feeling its effects, our Ramsey stress counselor is here to help you. We understand the nature of distress, and we understand how lasting and deep its impact can be. In times of distress, you can feel as if there is no way out of worry and pain, but we are here to show you how you can get yourself out of those anxious or upset feelings every single time. No feeling is permanent, and there are ways to heal and manage your distress that have worked for numerous patients dealing with similar problems that you are right now. At Mars & Venus, our Ramsey distress counselor is highly trained and experienced, and has helped so many patients handle these complex emotions that results from all kinds of stressful and traumatic situations. Simply talking about your distress alone can make a huge difference, and when you add the expertise and practice methods of our staff, you will be amazed at the changes you can make in your everyday life and the ways that you can minimize distress and maximize feelings of calm and peace time and time again.

If you would like to learn more about how our Ramsey stress counselor can be of service to you, be sure to visit the main Mars & Venus website, which contains a wealth of additional information about all of the services we have to offer. If you have any specific questions or concerns that we can clear up for you, please do not hesitate to contact the staff here directly so that we can assist you however possible. You can reach us by giving us a call here or sending us a message online. We look forward to working with you soon here at Mars & Venus.

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Ramsey motivational counselor

Life Coach in Ramsey

It’s perfectly natural to need guidance in order to get the most out of your life and to find the direction that is most ideal for you. At Mars & Venus, we apply solid and workable ideas to help you correct your course and to focus on your goals. In order to do that, it requires using the most effective tools available to lift the burdens of your past so that you can achieve happiness in the present and the future. Our Ramsey motivational counselor is committed to your personal growth.

As a basis for positive results, we look to the timeless wisdom imparted by Dr. John Gray in the bestseller “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.” The initial concern was to help couples in understanding each other better to promote stronger relationships, but our counselor is equally adept at working with you as an individual since the principles are easily transferable. These lessons are the foundation, but not the complete story of how our Ramsey motivational counselor guides you. It’s a big part of a comprehensive plan that includes valuable methods that originate with top people in the field of individual counseling.

Life coaching is useful in structuring your personal and your professional life. Such aspects as career path, self-confidence, and self esteem are all essential components of the types of areas that our Ramsey motivational counselor can assist in fostering significant improvement. It doesn’t matter if you’re a stay-at-home parent or the CEO of a corporation or anything in-between. We will work with you to zero in on what is truly important in your life and then design a strategy to make it happen. Obstacles are for others to worry about, but not you. They are just tiny speed bumps on the road to success in all areas of your life.

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New Mothers and Counseling in Franklin Lakes and Bergen County, NJ

Morrisa Drobnick, LCSW, staff writer and advice columnist of “KIDS Magazine” answers a question about being a new parent.

Q – I am new to the area and don’t know anyone. I have a six month-old little girl and I feel like I am going crazy. Any suggestions? L.R. in Oakland

A – Get out of the house – even with your child! Find a parent group in your community. Many churches, temples, libraries, or have “Mommy and Me” or similar programs where you can go to socialize. Many are geared towards new moms.

New moms need to feel comfortable and motivated to take control of their new roles in life. Becoming a mother is a growth process. It takes time to add this role to your identity and all women struggle with it in a variety of ways. Isolation does not help the adjustment. People need support and comfort from others experiencing the same life cycles.


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Ramsey Beating the Post-Vacation Blues

Beating the Post-Vacation Blues

by Morrisa Drobnick, LCSW, staff writer and advice columnist of “KIDS Magazine”

So long, Summertime. Good-bye swim clubs, beaches, lakes, and camps! Farewell to fun.

Parents and kids alike have a tough time re-adjusting to the real-life demands of school and work. The problems of re-entry take on many forms, depending on the length of the vacation, the ages of the kids, and whether or not both parents work outside the home.

Some people resist the change of pace. People have to deal with having their time tightly structured once more. When vacation ends, kids have to be more disciplined and that creates certain tensions in the family. Making a post-vacation transition is particularly hard for those people who normally find it difficult to change from one mental state to another. They are the kind of people for whom disorganization is quite distressing.

The first part to adjustments is recognizing that there is a problem. You need to anticipate that you and your children might experience these feelings and be on your guard. Accept the fact that this is going to be a somewhat chaotic period of your life. Things will not be under control. The kids are going to be crabby. There will be much complaining. It is easier if it is predictable because it feels less out of control.

If you are the kind of person who does have trouble with transitions, do not come back from vacation on Sunday and go to work Monday. Give yourself time to adjust gradually instead of whizzing through all of your lists at top speed. Children need extra time, not to mention extra attention.

Daily rituals can help us feel calm. The nighttime bath, story-time, a little TV can develop the sense of order and security. Start order in your children’s lives a week or so before school begins. Remember that gradual change may be less stressful for kids.

Attitudes are contagious. I believe in the power of positive thinking. If you think it’s terrific to be going back to work, the kids will like going back to school. (Well, maybe not!) The point is to accentuate the positive. Put more play in your daily life. Do things you really enjoy. Let your kids do things they really enjoy. Do not save all your fun for vacation is the end of having fun. Plan a fun family event for during the first few weeks of September to help prolong the relaxed Summertime spirit.