Bergen County Psychotherapist

Bergen County Psychotherapist

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Psychotherapy services in Bergen County

At Mars & Venus our Bergen County Psychotherapist helps couples to reconnect and sustain their relationship through the therapeutic process. Couple’s therapy is a wonderful way for couples to fix issues and recommit their relationship.

Sustaining love and commitment can be hard on couples over time, because life stressors get in the way and begin to take their toll if communication isn’t kept up. Couples often end up having communication breakdowns and conflict. Effective communication is the most important part of any relationship. Without communication, the marriage or partnership can experience a breakdown. Our Bergen County Psychotherapist uses the book Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus as guidance for couples to use during their journey. The ideas are developed by Dr. John Gray and his ideas used for integration within the therapy sessions. We give you the tools you need to break the patterns of dysfunction and poor relationship habits like bad communication and stonewalling. Teaching couples to interact in a healthy way increases trust and communication skills, as well as affection.

Couples come to see our Bergen County Psychotherapist for issues such as trust, infidelity, anger and sexuality. Learning what yours and your partner’s needs are, and being able to ask for them, are inherent to creating a good relationship together. Stronger communication is proven to lead to satisfaction and happiness so that couples can feel empowered. Call today to make an appointment at one of our 6 locations throughout the New Jersey area. We have daytime, weekend and evening hours available. We also offer life coaching, Spanish speaking therapists, counseling for children and teens, telephone counseling, and pet loss and bereavement counseling. Call today for your initial free, 15 minute phone consultation.

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