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Franklin Lakes Child Counselor

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Child therapy in Franklin Lakes

Being a child and growing up is not easy. Learning to operate in a social environment can be stressful for the young child, navigating the restrictions of society, personalities of peers, wishes of their parents, teachers and compromising their own wants and needs to meet all these other considerations is often overwhelming. When they become too overwhelming and begin to affect the child’s happiness and ability to operate our Franklin Lakes child counselor at Mars & Venus is ready to help. We’ve been aiding children and families as they face the many difficult problems associated with growth, behavior and relationship development.

Our Franklin Lakes child counselor helps children, adolescents and older teens address a wide variety of issues and problems from social behavior, relationship issues to family problems to addiction to grief counseling to depression to self-esteem issues and more. Children and teens can develop a number of different problems such as behavioral issue or trouble building relationships, low self-esteem or body image issues among many others, often patients come to us with multiple issues. Our counselors who have extensive training in working with young children, even those that are not highly verbal or maybe introverted. There are also counselors who have a great deal of experience working with teenage clients whose issues may stem from peer interactions, relationships, sexual issues or confusion, body image, bullying or authority issues and family relationships. The teenage years are a critical time for most developing young adults and during this time many teens turn to their peers or social media for guidance. When parents have a hard time reaching their adolescent children our counselors can offer them a trusting adult to turn to.

Our Franklin Lakes child counselor has a number of different options that may be applied to the needs of each of our patients. We can offer therapy in individual sessions with just the child and the counselor or as a family therapy session. Typically, we may start with just the child, or the child and parents separately and then turn to a family therapy setting later in the process. Having the family together during counseling is beneficial because it can help resolve any issues that exist between the parents and child or among siblings. If your child is having trouble socially, behaviorally or in school bring them by our counseling center where they can be evaluated in a stress-free setting.

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