Bergen County family therapist

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It is our mission, and something we’re very proud of here at Mars & Venus, to provide the help that our valued patients need to overcome their problems. This can include everything from stress, anxiety, and depression to issues with low self-esteem, phobias, divorce, and more. We work with both adults and children. It is often so that while individual therapy has its benefits, there are times when the entire family should come in together in order to achieve the best results.

Conflicts among family members are not at all uncommon. Living in close quarters, along with the differences that are natural from one generation to another, create potential difficulties. And with today’s modern world, it only adds to the challenges. It is fair to say that families also talk to one other, but do not always listen to one another. Our Bergen County family therapist works with you to open up true and valuable communication, free of judgments and finger pointing. It may also be that your child is suffering with his or her own problems, but that the effects of them are reaching to the rest of the family. Our Bergen County family therapist will identify the areas where work is needed, and act as a neutral party to sort out the differences. It is crucial that everyone attend and participate in order to facilitate positive outcomes. This may mean the entire family, or just those to whom the circumstances apply. The decision varies. The treatment plan for your family will not be the same as for anyone else, but is instead custom tailored to the unique concerns that you face. Most families discover that home life improves markedly due to the benefits of counseling.

We encourage you to contact our office and let us arrange a time for your family to come in for an initial appointment. Take that first step with our Bergen County family therapist.