Ramsey Licensed Marriage Therapist

Ramsey Licensed Marriage Therapist

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You may have heard about or read the statistics when it comes to divorce. The numbers are not encouraging. But we at Mars & Venus will help you and your spouse to gain a deeper and more empathetic understanding of each other. Our Ramsey licensed marriage therapist employs the wisdom in Dr. John Gray’s revolutionary book “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.” One thing is certain: you cannot find common ground until you are both on the same page.

Marriage isn’t always easy, and love is not all you need. Of course, it is a vital component, but understand each other and putting in the added effort is key. Our Ramsey licensed marriage therapist will help the two of you to not only get at the roots of your feelings, but to figure out why you feel that way. Men and women don’t think and feel the same, and that’s the foundation of the original book, which we use extensively in assisting our clients to overcome difficult situations. The reality is that when you know the background as to why your spouse feels the way they do, you can understand it and that will make it simpler to agree and meet in the middle. It’s essential that blame is not a part of the process, because that is negative. When one of you decides that the other is the problem, it becomes especially hard to solve difficulties. Our Ramsey licensed marriage therapist will work with both of you to understand and embrace your differences. Communication is the foundation, of course, and we will facilitate that.

Men and women are not the same. We all understand that. But it’s going with it instead of against it that will make your marital circumstances more positive. Contact our office and schedule an appointment.

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