New Mothers and Counseling in Franklin Lakes and Bergen County, NJ

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Morrisa Drobnick, LCSW, staff writer and advice columnist of “KIDS Magazine” answers a question about being a new parent.

Q – I am new to the area and don’t know anyone. I have a six month-old little girl and I feel like I am going crazy. Any suggestions? L.R. in Oakland

A – Get out of the house – even with your child! Find a parent group in your community. Many churches, temples, libraries, or have “Mommy and Me” or similar programs where you can go to socialize. Many are geared towards new moms.

New moms need to feel comfortable and motivated to take control of their new roles in life. Becoming a mother is a growth process. It takes time to add this role to your identity and all women struggle with it in a variety of ways. Isolation does not help the adjustment. People need support and comfort from others experiencing the same life cycles.


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