Couples Counseling in Ramsey

Ramsey Couples Therapy

All relationships take work to make them successful. But the amount of effort that both of you put in is not the main ingredient in keeping your relationship strong. It’s understanding each other that’s the key. At Mars & Venus, we’re pleased to offer the type of expertise that will guide you, get you back on the right track, and keep you there for the long term. Our couples counseling in Ramsey is designed to provide the crucial advice that Dr. John Gray laid out in his book, “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.”

It may sound obvious to suggest that understanding each other is essential to a good relationship, but it’s a true understanding that can only come from getting to the roots of not only what each of you feel but the reasons why you feel that way. You see, men and women have different ways of thinking and feeling. This is well established. But how do you, as a committed couple, reconcile what can see like a monumental gap between the way each of you sees the situation? That’s what we do in our couples counseling in Ramsey. Our goal is to foster a healing of the relationship so that it can thrive and grow healthier and stronger. To do that, you both need to not only “get” how the other thinks and feels, but truly embrace them. Too often, it is easy to see your partner as the problem. But the truth is that the problem is that men and women approach from different angles. The solution is communication and empathy.

Our couples counseling in Ramsey uses the strategies that are both taught and licensed by Dr. John Gray. These methods are tested and they work. Together, as a team, we’ll work together to get you past your current issues and problems so that you can both build bridges to each other instead of putting up walls.

Ramsey Couples Therapy
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