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Couples Counselor in Ramsey

Overcoming relationship issues in Ramsey

Couples counselor in Ramsey

Couples counselor in Ramsey

At New Jersey Centers for Counseling, our couples counselor in Ramsey is experienced in helping couples overcome relationship issues and to better communicate with each other within their relationships. Communication is the most important part of any relationship, so we emphasize using techniques and practicing good communication to enhance connection and to stop the cycles of poor communication.

Lack of communication plagues many marriages and can trigger problems that at first might seem impossible to eradicate. At New Jersey Centers for Counseling, we are frequently known as the Mars & Venus Counseling Center. This is because we use the book, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus as a guide to how couple’s work. The book’s writer, Dr. John Gray, implements a clinical approach to couple’s counseling that compiles all of his ideas into one broad treatment. We use this guide as a tool to help couples focus on the issues at hand that they immediately are experiencing. Common problems between couples can be trust issues, unresolved issues with children, anger, sexual problems, infidelity and more. Our couples counselor in Ramsey is able to identify each key problem and assess as needed. As each partner learns about their own needs, they’ll learn about their partners as well. It is in this way that couples can then meet each other’s needs.

When two individuals are facing problems between each other, it’s important to be able to understand the multiple perspectives they have. Our goal is to teach couples to regain trust and intimacy so that they can have a more lasting and a happier relationship, one that can last for many years to come. Along with couples counselor in Ramsey, we also provide counseling for adults, teenagers, children and families. We are open during daytime, evening and weekend hours so that all of our clients can have the opportunity to come in for therapy. We also offer pre-marital counseling for those who want to deepen their relationship to their partner, as well as grief counseling, bereavement counseling and life coaching. Our therapists are highly trained and compassionate and we do have spanish speaking therapists on site.

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Pre-Marital Counseling in Ramsey NJ

Ramsey Pre-Marital Counselor

So you’re getting married. Well, congratulations. But don’t fall into the trap of thinking that all you need is love to ensure a happy marriage. Love is, of course, vital, but just as you need fuel in your car for it to run but you wouldn’t drive it blindfolded, so too is it important to have a road map for where the two of you are headed and the expert advice and guidance that lays a strong foundation for a long and fulfilling marriage. At Mars & Venus, we’re committed to helping couples just like you to gain the advantages that it takes to meet the relationship challenges that are a part of married life. Our pre-marital counseling in Ramsey NJ is based on the bestseller, “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.” That means you’re getting the benefit of the wisdom espoused by Dr. John Gray,, who authored the hugely influential book.

Marriage changes a relationship. For one thing, you’ll be living under the same roof and that requires some adjustments. But even if you’re already living together, there are obligations, responsibilities, and interactions among family that can put a strain on the most loving partnerships. Our pre-marital counseling in Ramsey NJ is focused on giving you the crucial edge to understand each other’s wants, need, motivations, and challenges.

We understand that you’re busy planning your wedding and that time is at a premium. But isn’t the long term happiness of your marriage at least as essential as your wedding day itself? Of course it is. And that’s why learning the relationship skills that can keep minor dust-ups from exploding into major fights is worth carving out the time to participate in our pre-marital counseling in Ramsey NJ. Just call us and schedule a session. A more fulfilling marriage may just hang in the balance.

Ramsey Pre-Marital Therapy
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